Ricoh and Ultimate TechnoGraphics enhance partnership

Tighter integration for workflow efficiency, control, and faster ROI

Ricoh production printer
Ricoh drum and toner production printers are now sold in India by Monotech Systems

On 4 May 2021, Ricoh USA and Ultimate TechnoGraphics announced their enhanced global partnership that will offer digital print providers improved upstream workflow automation at a reduced price. This expanded collaboration between the companies will equate to increased flexibility, control, and visibility over jobs at any point in production for printers. It could empower commercial printers, in-plant printers, and book printers to overcome obstacles to profitability with the combination of Ricoh TotalFlow BatchBuilder and Ultimate Impostrip.

The timing of this arrangement coincides with the latest release (version 2.4) of the vendor-agnostic Ricoh TotalFlow BatchBuilder solution, which includes the merging of all features into the base product. BatchBuilder enables a quick turnaround on various short-run jobs from multiple sources by performing batching work upstream, automating scheduling, and reducing back-and-forth setups for print and finishing.

Tight integration works better

“Ricoh TotalFlow BatchBuilder seamlessly integrates with Ultimate Impostrip to resolve common workflow bottlenecks,” said Chris Reid, vice president, Global Software & Services, Ricoh. “This tight integration provides a powerful automated job management solution to succeed in today’s digital print environment.”

Designed with productivity in mind, Ultimate Impostrip optimizes every aspect of the prepress imposition workflow with easy-to-use tools yet remains highly versatile. Ultimate Impostrip delivers power, speed, and flexibility to automate complex imposition for high-volume print production.

Julie Watson, CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics, stated, “Our enhanced collaboration with Ricoh empowers a larger variety of printers to automate their workflow and optimize their shop’s productivity. Ultimate Impostrip combined with Ricoh TotalFlow BatchBuilder improves flexibility and control over jobs and reprints, and provides increased visibility into all jobs in production via BatchBuilder’s intuitive dashboard.”

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