From ‘ambiguity tolerance’ to digital transition!

Indian Printer & Publisher enters 44th year

Dear advertisers,

In January 2022, we at Indian Printer and Publisher hope to emerge from the year of ‘ambiguity tolerance’ to an era of new normal growth! One can expect a gradual renewed growth for the Indian printing and publishing industry that has suffered greatly with the pandemic lockdowns of schools, colleges, bookshops, travel, hospitality, live conferences, and events. There are reports of losses to Indian commercial print businesses ranging from 80% to 25%.

There is a recovery in the making with schools and colleges opening by 15 November 2021. Newspaper publishers that lost 40% revenues in the first pandemic year are likely to come back to almost 2019 levels by March 2022. Business, jobs, and lives have been lost. Nevertheless with the resumption of live print industry exhibitions and hybrid conferences at the end of October, and in November and December, and the announcement of the Printpack exhibition in March 2022 – the first steps to industry recovery are visible.

The digital transition (including ours) has been accelerated by the pandemic, but India’s newspaper, book, signage, and commercial print markets still have room for healthy growth. There are signs of a strong economic recovery in which both automation and digital printing are likely to get a boost. In an emerging economy, and a functional democracy with a secular constitution – the freedom of expression and the freedom to publish drive omnichannel information and discussion. In addition, the constitutional right to education creates new readers and writers every day. In India too, these are challenging but exciting times for the publishing and media industries.

As one of the speakers said at the Frankfurt Book Fair Special Edition opening in September 2020 said, ‘Diversity is the opposite of stupidity,’ and print is one of the best guarantees of diversity. As a trade publication and industry research group we may have become more multichannel in the past two years with an increase to five web platforms, six eZines a week, monthly and bimonthly eMagazines, Zoom conference and webinars, and the innumerable videos that we have made and broadcast, but we remain anchored in print.

Indian Printer and Publisher looks at the industry from several perspectives that have stood us in good stead in our digital migration and expansion. We know how to break down a fast-changing and widening industry – by application segment, technology, and supply chain. Our platforms create an appropriate context for talking about your products when readers are most receptive. IPP describes where new ideas, products, and technology fit in the refinement of processes and businesses.

The power to influence

Tech-savvy editorial content has earned us the power to influence. Committed to original content, we add credibility and impact to your marketing efforts. Indian Printer and Publisher doesn’t merely report or reproduce press releases. It is read, respected, and trusted for sharing its domain knowledge and its informed, independent, and outspoken opinions on the industry and cultural issues. It has the character that inspires self-belief and trust in our readers.

If you are looking for an intelligent platform to build market share, with a monthly print circulation of 3,500 copies, Indian Printer and Publisher should be your partner of choice. An additional 3,000 copies of the Indian Printer and Publisher eMagazine link are sent out each month. Our digital analytics are among the best among the B2B print platforms in the industry and we attempt to have a conscious and principled social media presence.

The Indian Printer and Publisher print monthly is posted on the 24th and 25th day of the previous month. Its website is updated every day, and its weekly newsletters go out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays to selected segments from a database of 9,000.

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Updated on 31 October 2021