Indian Printer & Publisher in the era of ‘ambiguity tolerance’

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In January 2021, Indian Printer and Publisher will enter its 43rd year of publication. We have not missed a single print issue because of the pandemic and the lockdown and are more assertive on the web than ever before. First of all, a big thank you to those who stood by us during the pandemic and kept your ads in place.

While commercial print stagnates even in India, literacy and private expenditure on education are rising. Along with the digital transition, India’s newspaper, book, signage, and commercial print markets still have room to grow. Although a shakeout may come faster because of the pandemic, consolidation is not easy in India. It is likely that the ‘fragmented’ nature of the commercial print industry will continue here for some time.

If there is a strong economic recovery after the pandemic, both automation and digital printing are likely to get a boost. IppStar’s ( recent survey of the book printing and publishing industry in India and Bangladesh forecasts traction in digital book printing in India and a rise in the edutech and online education sectors.

India is still an emerging economy, and a functional democracy – one in which freedom of expression and freedom to publish, and the right to liberal education are enunciated by millennials keen to protect our secular constitution. These are challenging but exciting times for the publishing and media industries.

There is a great demand for jobs – upskilling and professional qualifications. There will not be any ‘demographic dividend’ without concerted investment in education, research and development, and the liberal exchange of ideas. All of this bodes well for the publishing and printing industry. Even the hunger for content to be turned into entertainment demands a flourishing and inclusive publishing industry. As one of the speakers said at the Frankfurt Book Fair Special Edition opening in September, ‘Diversity is the opposite of stupidity.’ Print is one of the best guarantees of diversity.

Still fragmented and severely set back by the lockdown, the industry is looking for enhanced decoration, value addition, migration, and diversification. The current situation is an opportunity to rethink the print business.

Although more difficult than ever before to reach a variety of printers with meaningful and actionable information and knowledge, this is what we have been doing for the last 42 years. Leaders in change and adaptation, always agile. We have extended our coverage to industrial and 3D printing and digital textile printing in the past year.

Context is everything

Indian Printer and Publisher looks at the industry from the application, technology, content, media, and print supply chain perspectives. We look at content creators and buyers of software, equipment, and consumables. Our platform creates an appropriate context for talking about your products when readers are most receptive. IPP describes where new products and technology fit in the local supply chain and how they work. Continuous reader feedback informs our interests and platform.

The power to influence

Tech-savvy editorial content has earned us the power to influence. Committed to original content, we add credibility and impact to your marketing efforts. Indian Printer and Publisher doesn’t merely report or reproduce press releases. It is read, respected, and trusted for sharing its domain knowledge and informed, independent and outspoken opinions on the industry and cultural issues. It has the character that inspires self-belief and trust in our readers.

If you are looking for a measured platform to build market share, with a monthly print circulation of 6,000 copies, Indian Printer and Publisher should be your partner of choice. Also, 3,000 copies of the Indian Printer and Publisher eMagazine link are sent out each month. Our digital analytics are among the best among the B2B print platforms in the industry.

The Indian Printer and Publisher print monthly is posted on the 24th and 25th day of the month before. Its website is updated every day, and a pair of weekly newsletters go out on Tuesday and Thursday. Its web analytics, SEO and social media increasingly reveal one of the most influential industry platforms.

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Updated on 10 November 2020