Ricoh’s new Indian distributor – Monotech Systems

New innings for both Ricoh and Monotech

TP Jain Monotech|Ricoh’s new Indian distributor – Monotech Systems
TP Jain, managing director of Monotech Systems Photo Monotech

New Delhi, 29 March 2021 – The Indian distributor of graphic arts and packaging equipment Monotech Systems has taken on the distribution of Ricoh’s digital production print systems across India. According to Monotech, it will become the marketing, sales, distribution, and service partner for Ricoh’s production digital presses across the country.

 “With Monotech System’s strong local presence, I believe it will bring an increased range of coverage and strength of representation of Ricoh’s Digital Production Printing systems in the Indian market,” said Ricky Tan, general manager of the Production Printing Business Group in Ricoh Asia Pacific. “We can together collaborate helping customers enhance their digital capabilities with insight-driven and tailored solutions.” 

Ricky Tan Ricoh Asia Pacific
Ricky Tan, general manager of the Production Printing Business Group in Ricoh Asia Pacific

Despite the severe disruption of its Indian operations over the past five years, Ricoh’s products enjoy an important place in the global digital press market. Monotech Systems is one of the leading graphic arts distributors of a wide variety of imported equipment. As a distributor, it helped establish Konica Minolta as the Indian digital press market leader – a business relationship that it divested a few years ago. 

Monotech has become a manufacturer of inkjet-driven signage printers and digital label and book presses in the past few years. Until recently, it had also taken on the distribution of Xerox digital presses that it gave up approximately six months ago. 

“Team Monotech Systems is very excited about this relationship which is like playing a second inning after a highly successful first inning. It raises the bar for us, and we shall succeed with our commitment to offering products, solutions, and support that exceed customer expectations,” said TP Jain, the well-liked and respected managing director of Monotech Systems.

The two-decade-old Monotech enjoys the confidence of the publishing, printing, and packaging industry. It has a reasonably strong connection with users of digital printing, where at one time it built up a large workforce of technicians and engineers. It is fair to say that Ricoh has been under-represented in the Indian market for the past five years. Its strong product line-up from a familiar and reliable distributor presents a measure of reassurance for its installed base and future customers. One hopes it will also introduce a level of competition in the market and offer a more comprehensive technology choice to Indian printers. 

Ajeet Pareek Monotech
Ajeet Pareek, business head, Digital Products and Solutions, of Monotech Photo Monotech

Ajeet Pareek, business head, Digital Products and Solutions, of Monotech, said, “We are confident that the Ricoh product range will be a perfect fit for our existing and prospective customers. We are now able to provide our clients with more opportunities to differentiate themselves in their markets to deliver an extended range of capabilities and respond to growing expectations and demands. We will now have the most technologically advanced product portfolio, backed by superior sales and after-sales support.”

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