Pratham books good orders at Printpack

More orders expected

Pratham Technologies
Sanjay Dandekar and Sham Desai of Pratham Technologies

Pune-based Pratham Technologies has notched up good deals during the first two days of Printpack 2019, and the company expects to close the show with deals close to Rs 2 crores.

“The first day was a little slow and we did sales of Rs 15 lakhs. The second day was much better, and we almost doubled the sale compared with the first day. We did sales of Rs 28 lakhs on the second day. On the third day we are sure to do good business as well. In fact, we are hopeful of doing good business on all the days,” says Sham Desai of Pratham Technologies.

At Printpack 2019, Pratham is displaying its outsert folding machine, an 8+8 folding machine, a super mailer and IPV Proofcheck software.

The company has managed to close deals for all the products on display except the outsert folding machine. According to Desai, if the company manages to book a deal for the outsert machine at the show, then final sales figure may go above Rs 2 crore as well.

“Our outsert folding machine is the only product on display for which we have not signed any deal. We were able to sell the outsert folding machine at the previous Printpack and we are hopeful that we will book an order this time as well,” Desai says.

Finally, talking about the response the company got on the first two days of the show, he says, “Printpack has always been a very good show for us, and the 2019 edition has also begun on a positive note for us. We are very satisfied with the response we have got in the first three days.”

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