EFI Reggiani unveils Terra Silver textile printer at Fespa

Entry-level printer uses Terra pigment ink

EFI Reggiani unveils Terra Silver textile printer at Fespa
EFI Reggiani will be showcasing its Terra Silver printer at Fespa Global Print Expo 2021 (Credit: EFI on Twitter)

The new, industrial, entry-level EFI Reggiani Terra Silver textile printer made its debut at the Fespa Global Print Expo 2021 tradeshow, which is taking place from 12-15 October at RAI Amsterdam. The EFI Reggiani Terra Silver uses Terra pigment ink for high-quality, highly sustainable direct-to-textile printing without steaming or washing.      

“This is one of the first trade shows to return after the pandemic, and we are very excited to meet customers in person again and showcase an innovative offering that delivers superior printing results while using less time, water, and energy,” said company’s vice president and general manager Adele Genoni

“We are introducing this advanced EFI Reggiani Terra Silver solution to the many print service providers at Fespa, presenting them with an ideal path to enter the industrial textile segment with a short, smart, and green production process.”

The new-version Terra Silver printer is part of EFI’s complete Terra line-up of pigment ink printer solutions. It is a 180 centimeter wide printer that can print up to 190 square meters an hour with eight dual-channel printheads. 

The printer also features a new recirculating ink system for superior reliability and minimum maintenance, several printing modes to ensure maximum flexibility in terms of design capability, further real-time image processing that eliminates time spent in image pre-calculations, a user-friendly, intuitive interface, and a more efficient polymerization process that takes place as printed textile goes through the printer’s on-board dryer. 

EFI Reggiani Terra pigment inks

The company is also a leading developer of textile inks. The EFI Terra pigment inks used on the silver model deliver excellent wet and dry fastness properties and remarkable sharpness in detail. Designed to leverage EFI Reggiani digital printers’ market-proven industrial performance capabilities, these eco-friendly, water-based inks provide an extraordinary level of print durability and yield longer print head life with reduced maintenance costs. 

The company has recently launched several other solutions, such as EFI Reggiani Hyper and the EFI Reggiani Blaze, an entry-level industrial printer designed to allow new textile companies to adopt digital inkjet production with a compact solution to blaze a successful path into the industry.


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