Tecnau & Ricoh partner for “Spring Forward with Tecnau” live virtual event

Event on 27 May to also feature new Ricoh Z75 B2 sheetfed inkjet printer

Spring Forward with Tecnau will be streaming on 27 May, 2021
Spring Forward with Tecnau will be streaming on 27 May, 2021

In a first-ever virtual opportunity, Tecnau and Ricoh will showcase leading-edge end-to-end inkjet printing solutions at Tecnau’s live virtual event, “Spring Forward with Tecnau,” taking place on May 27th. Registration is now open (Click here)!

Under the theme “Welcome to the future of printing and finishing,” Ricoh will present the latest innovations in continuous feed and cut-sheet inkjet printing, including highlights and sample display of the new Ricoh Pro Z75 B2 inkjet printer, plus a demonstration of the award-winning Ricoh Pro VC70000 color continuous feed printer.

Tecnau will demonstrate the functioning of different printers

Tecnau feed and cut-sheet inkjet printing solutions
Tecnau feed and cut-sheet inkjet printing solutions

The company will demonstrate various continuous feed and cut-sheet production finishing solutions from the Tecnau Experience Center (TEC), including the award-winning Revolution 50 series for continuous roll to cut & stack available for Pro VC70000, Pro VC40000, and Pro VC60000 printers, the Libra 800 fully automated book on-demand system, and the space-efficient Stack 1212 cutting and stacking solution for Pro Z75-printed B2+ sheets.

What makes this a unique, “can’t miss” event is that the company will be finishing the same VC70000-generated applications that Ricoh will be running live from their customer experience center, providing a virtual demonstration of exactly how this works would run in a production environment.

The joint Ricoh/Tecnau event will be live-streamed from the TEC in Italy and the Ricoh CEC in Telford, UK. The session will last 90 minutes.


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