Heidelberg launches next generation Wallbox Energy Control

Technology can simultaneously charge multiple vehicles

Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control

Heidelberg is launching the next generation of its charging technology for electric vehicles with integrated load management for simultaneous charging of multiple vehicles. The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control can be linked to home energy management systems (HEMS) and is particularly attractive to business customers.

As the number of electric vehicle registrations continues to rise, there is also an increasing need to charge multiple vehicles in the same location simultaneously. This means a growing demand for charging equipment with a load management system that optimizes distribution of the available charging capacity between a number of electric vehicles. Heidelberg has responded by launching the new generation of its charging systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control with integrated load management supports simultaneous charging of several vehicles, which provides an attractive charging solution for apartment buildings, multi-vehicle garages, and company/hotel parking lots. Based on dynamic local load management, a number of networked Wallboxes distribute the available charging current to as many as 16 hybrid or electric vehicles in an optimized, automatic process.

Some of the technical highlights of the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control include dynamic local load management for two or more networked wallboxes, RS485 interface for external load management control, high-quality stainless steel front, adjustable nominal current, single-phase or three-phase power supply, integrated residual current detection, optional access control with a switching device, type 2 charging cable connector.

“Charging systems from Heidelberg have now firmly established themselves on the electric vehicle market. Many users, especially business customers, are also eagerly awaiting the company’s launch of its enhanced charging technology with integrated load management, which combines tried-and-tested Heidelberg quality with real value for money,” says Heidelberg chief executive officer Rainer Hundsdörfer.


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