Heidelberg Wallbox awarded Top Brand seal

Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control qualifies for KfW support in Germany

Guidance for the growth market of electromobility – the Heidelberg Wallbox has been presented with EUPD Research’s Top Brand Wallbox seal. EUPD Research’s end customer survey underlines existing and future electric vehicle owners’ desire for private charging solutions.

Germany’s electromobility market is growing strongly, as demonstrated by the latest figures from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). Over 23,000 new cars with all-electric drives were licensed in October 2020, representing a market share of 8.4 percent. As sales of electric cars increase, so do charging infrastructure requirements. The investment grant available from the KfW bank with effect from November 2020 also underlines how vital the extensive expansion of charging stations is. A recent end customer survey by the Bonn-based market and economic research company EUPD Research clearly demonstrated the importance of private charging stations. Just under 2,000 existing and potential electric car owners took part in the survey, 82 percent of whom indicated that having a private charging station was “important” or “very important” in the context of their purchase. Around 700 of the respondents already own an electric vehicle, and those among them who had installed a Wallbox from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) said they were highly satisfied with the product and would recommend it to others. On this basis, the Heidelberg Wallbox is being awarded EUPD Research’s Top Brand Wallbox seal, which the company gives to makes and products identified as top brands in independent customer surveys.

“We’re delighted to have been awarded the Top Brand Wallbox seal for the Heidelberg Wallbox systems, as it reflects the high level of user satisfaction with our charging solutions. The positive feedback from our customers underlines that Heidelberg has established itself on the key future market of electromobility with a competitive portfolio,” says Ulrich Grimm, head of Electromobility at Heidelberg.

EUPD Research seal provides consumer guidance

As the electromobility market grows, the choice of Wallbox solutions is increasing significantly. There are already 100 Wallbox suppliers on the German market, and this number is expected to rise further still. This alone emphasizes the need for consumer guidance, and EUPD Research has been a specialist in the field of sustainable technologies for 20 years.

The Heidelberg Wallbox has been awarded EUPD Research’s Top Brand Wallbox seal for its popularity with electric vehicle owners.

“This is now the tenth year in succession that EUPD Research has used its EndkundenMonitor survey to ask German end customers for their views on topics including electromobility. Based on this year’s survey, we are delighted to present Heidelberg with the established Top Brand Wallbox seal for its outstanding performance in terms of being recommended to others,” says Dr Martin Ammon, managing partner of EUPD Research.

Heidelberg charging solutions represent excellent value for money

Like the Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco – the standard model that came out top in tests by German automobile association ADAC last year – the recently unveiled Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control with load management, which qualifies for KfW support, benefits from high-end, robust industrial manufacturing, including a high-quality stainless steel front. With prices starting at EUR 490 for the Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco and EUR 790 for the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control (RRP including VAT in each case), both systems offer excellent value for money. They are available from electrical retailers, wholesalers, and certified electricians.

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