Delhi’s Megha Enterprises installs Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120

Digital printing revolution in visual communication

(L-R) Priyatosh Kumar, head of the Graphic Communications Business, Fujifim India; Koji Wada, managing director, Fujifilm India; Anuradha Dayal and Sri Prasad – proprietors of Megha Enterprises; Ajay Agarwal, CEO of Insight Print Communications and Kensuke Okumura – Japanese advisor, Graphic Communications Division, Fujifilm India with samples printed on the Fujifilm Revoria PC1120. Photo Fujifilm India

Established in 2007 in Delhi’s electronics hub of Nehru Place, Megha Enterprises started a second branch in the digital printing space in the adjoining Okhla industrial area in 2023. The firm recently installed a digital printing press, the Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120, to add to its capabilities provided by a Canon ImagePRESS C10000VP.

A popular digital printing enterprise in the Okhla industrial belt, Megha Enterprises, armed with the Fujifilm Revoria, is now offering a broad range of sizes with excellent print quality for fine art, and media versatility while optimizing costs with its innovative ‘toner out’ model.

The Revoria Press PC1120 is an advanced toner digital press known for its unrivaled expressive power and its boundless spectrum of color possibilities. It features a state-of-the-art 6-color print engine and maintains its fast-printing speed of 120 ppm, even when using all 6 colors,” said Sri Prasad and Anuradha Dayal – proprietors of Megha Enterprises.

This machine is best suited for all kinds of commercial jobs, including books, photos, and commercial. It gives us the best ROI with its combination of machine life, additional colors, and a ‘toner out’ model. We can see that the market is growing for CMYK + color jobs, which enables more value to be offered in the market. Some of our existing vendors are very happy with the quality,” they added.

Fujifil team with Insight Print Communications team with Sri Prasad and Anuradha Dayal – proprietors of Megha Enterprises at the inauguration. Photo IPP

We were using 4-color machines earlier, so we decided to opt for the 10-color Fujifilm Revoria to add new capabilities to our printing business. The quality and advanced techniques made us consider this press,” Dayal said, explaining the decision to go for the Revoria.

With an output resolution of 2400 x 2400 dpi, the Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 produces prints that are crisp and intricately defined. This printing solution is devised with versatility features that support a wide range of media types and finishes accommodating various paperweights, sizes, and even banner sheets.

Noteworthy features include the ability to create metallic effects with gold and silver underlay,  access to pre-installed metallic colors, high-opacity white toner for printing on colored stocks, and AI-based photo quality optimization. It is equipped with a high-performance print server, allowing it to support a wide variety of paper stocks and providing convenient feeding and finishing options to streamline the printing process.

Koji Wada, managing director, Fujifilm India, stressed the importance of advanced technological integration in digital printing. “Fujifilm India is always at the forefront of integrating innovation and the latest advancements in the digital printing industry. We aim to provide printing machines that translate quality business to our customers. The Revoria PC 1120 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to aid that goal for those who want to excel in the digital printing business.”

I am very happy to join the inauguration today. I am always happy to see new installations for the Fujifilm Revoria. This year, I hope to join many more inaugurations,” Wada added.

The ribbon cutting ceremony at the inauguration. Photo IPP

Ajay Agarwal, CEO of Insight Print Communications, distributor for Fujifilm India Graphic Communications Products, said, “The Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 is the only press that gives a very strong ROI for both the photo segment – where the volumes are less and the requirement is of very high quality, and in the commercial printing segment – where high volumes are required at a lower cost per print. It is also unique in its 10-color option that opens up a huge opportunity with media, designs and applications.”

Agarwal said the Fujifilm Revoria is a high ROI-positive machine for the commercial segment for three primary reasons. “One is the toner-out model, which reduces the cost of printing with lesser ink coverage. Second, it is one of the fastest machines available in the market with a speed of 120 ppm, which ensures the amount of jobs that a commercial printer can print is on the higher side. The life of the press in terms of print volume is also very high. Third, the machine works with multiple colors.

While most people operate with standard CMYK, we provide CMYK with white, varnish, pink, gold, silver and a special toner, which works wonderfully on textured paper. All put together, this machine adds a lot of value and slowly and steadily, it is becoming a darling for many commercial printers. It is being adopted by photo printers, who are doing very well with the machine with a very high ROI. The quality of the prints is equal to the best available in the market. In a very short period, the Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 has created a space for itself. We are at 25 installations in a period of about one year and hopefully, by the end of this financial year, we should be in the range of 50 machines,” Agarwal said.

Priyatosh Kumar, head of the Graphic Communications Business, Fujifim India, said, “There is no doubt that the way digital printing has revolutionized visual communication over the years, the transformation has been rapid with the intervention of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence. The Revoria PC 1120 is one such game-changer in the industry, which is playing a pivotal role in this advancement. The press has certainly opened new avenues for creativity, handling various materials, and delivering exceptional quality. We are excited about this new install at Megha and wish him success.”

Fujifilm India’s Graphic Communications Division is steadfast to bring forth the best global technology, complemented with effective and prompt local assistance through its distributors Insight print Communications to provide superior technology in the constantly evolving world of graphic communications, the company said.

2023 promises an interesting ride for print in India

Indian Printer and Publisher founded in 1979 is the oldest B2B trade publication in the multi-platform and multi-channel IPPGroup. While the print and packaging industries have been resilient in the past 33 months since the pandemic lockdown of 25 March 2020, the commercial printing and newspaper industries have yet to recover their pre-Covid trajectory.

The fragmented commercial printing industry faces substantial challenges as does the newspaper industry. While digital short-run printing and the signage industry seem to be recovering a bit faster, ultimately their growth will also be moderated by the progress of the overall economy. On the other hand book printing exports are doing well but they too face several supply-chain and logistics challenges.

The price of publication papers including newsprint has been high in the past year while availability is diminished by several mills shutting down their publication paper and newsprint machines in the past four years. Indian paper mills are also exporting many types of paper and have raised prices for Indian printers. To some extent, this has helped in the recovery of the digital printing industry with its on-demand short-run and low-wastage paradigm.

Ultimately digital print and other digital channels will help print grow in a country where we are still far behind in our paper and print consumption and where digital is a leapfrog technology that will only increase the demand for print in the foreseeable future. For instance, there is no alternative to a rise in textbook consumption but this segment will only reach normality in the next financial year beginning on 1 April 2023.

Thus while the new normal is a moving target and many commercial printers look to diversification, we believe that our target audiences may shift and change. Like them, we will also have to adapt with agility to keep up with their business and technical information needs.

Our 2023 media kit is ready, and it is the right time to take stock and reconnect with your potential markets and customers. Print is the glue for the growth of liberal education, new industry, and an emerging economy. We seek your participation in what promises to be an interesting ride.

– Naresh Khanna

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