Drytac launches ViziPrint Deco+

The product features a special ink-receptive topcoat for greater adhesion of inks

Drytac is increasing its market-leading ViziPrint portfolio with ViziPrint Deco+
Drytac is increasing its market-leading ViziPrint portfolio with ViziPrint Deco+

Drytac, a leading manufacturer of adhesive-coated products, has expanded its high-quality portfolio of printable media solutions with the launch of ViziPrint Deco+, a 50 micron optically clear gloss PET film with a permanent acrylic adhesive. 

Designed to adhere to virtually any smooth flat or curved surface, including glass, plastic, and metal, ViziPrint Deco+ scratch-resistant window film is ideal for high-end architectural and building requirements and custom decorating applications. It has also been designed to create stunning graphics and window decals with vibrantly rich colors for retail storefronts and POP or backlit displays. 

Replacing the existing ViziPrint Deco SR product, ViziPrint Deco+ has been upgraded to be compatible with a wider range of printers and offers users greater flexibility when producing work for a host of markets. The film has been certified for use with HP latex 300, HP latex 500, HP latex 700, and HP latex 800 series printers running HP latex Ink, including white ink. It is also compatible with other resin inks from the likes of Ricoh and Epson.

Drytac’s ViziPrint Deco+ on being a versatile product

In addition, the release liner has been changed from clear to opaque, enabling the media to be registered on a wider range of devices.

Professionally applied, the printable film delivers stunning crystal-clear graphics. ViziPrint Deco+ is very durable and has been designed to remain in place for up to seven years, making it ideal for long-term indoor or outdoor window and building graphics.

On the introduction of the product, Shaun Holdom, global product manager at Drytac, comments, “ViziPrint Deco+ is a very versatile product that can be used for many applications. It is particularly suitable for creating powerful long-term image displays and window decals within a building space. For example, in conference and meeting rooms with glass walls, which require more privacy, and can also be used to create stunning graphics for retail storefronts and POP or backlit displays.”

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