Parveen Aggarwal gets elected as president of OPA

Aggarwal to serve another term of two years

Parveen Aggarwal gets elected as president of OPA

During the annual general meeting of the Offset Printers Association (OPA), the house unanimously elected Parveen Aggarwal as the president for another term of two years. The elections were held in the presence of Ashwani Gupta, vice president at All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP), who attended the AGM of OPA as the chief guest. It is obvious to mention that OPA is the affiliate association of AIFMP.

Managing director of BBF Industries, Aggarwal is a dynamic personality and is socially very active and known figure of the city. Declaring his name as the president of OPA, Ashwani Gupta said, “OPA is a most active association, today I can say it proudly that the man behind the growth of this association is none other than Aggarwal and his team. The teamwork I have noticed today is unparalleled, and I will cite the example of OPA at various platforms so that other associations can learn a lesson from it.”

Speaking on the occasion, Aggarwal thanked the members for their faith and said I will try my best to serve the printers. We will mark out goals for the next two years for the growth of the industry in general and the printing and packaging industry in particular.

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