The Ken releases graphic story on Indian media

The Ken
The Ken releases graphic story on Indian media

The Ken, Indian business news website based out of Bangalore, has released a graphic story on ‘India doesn’t need better media.’ The ambitious journalistic effort is a product of long days of researching, writing, storyboarding, and illustrating and aims to create an impact on the news consumer.

The early drafts and sketches contained the small team’s raw and unfiltered expressions, which were later refined to their present state. Praveen Gopal Krishnan is the narrative artist behind the project. Sharath Ravishankar is the man behind the illustrations in the graphic story. The tale has been enriched by the journalistic perspective and research of Rohin Dharmakumar, chief executive officer and co-founder, the Ken.

The graphic narrative is the team’s effort to explain the history, motives and implications behind a seemingly simple regulation to ensure a “level playing field’ for India’s large, legacy news organizations. The expansive scope and broad language of the regulation could turn the clock back on how we have been discovering and consuming news each day. The story covers independent news websites, internationally respected publishers, news aggregators, Google News, The Ken and even Facebook or YouTube.

The story has a pacy narrative and a reading time of ten to fifteen minutes. The narrative aims to create a lasting impact on the reader and is available free of cost. Click here to read the story.

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