Programs for young publishers at Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019

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Frank-Walter Steinmeier in conversation with Ivana Sajko and Stefan Hertmans at Frankfurter Buchmesse 2018
Frank-Walter Steinmeier in conversation with Ivana Sajko and Stefan Hertmans at Frankfurter Buchmesse 2018

Frankfurter Buchmesse, taking place from 16 to 20 October 2019 at the Frankfurt Trade Fair grounds in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, brings together the international publishing industry under one roof. With its international programs and initiatives, Frankfurter Buchmesse promotes the exchange of information and the development of international networks among up and coming talents of the industry

Frankfurt Fellowship Program

In 2018, the Frankfurt Fellowship Program of Frankfurter Buchmesse celebrated its 20th anniversary. To date, the international professional development program has brought together more than 350 participants from over 60 countries in Frankfurt. This year, 105 editors, rights managers and literary agents from 42 countries applied for the fellowship. The two-week program offers 16 publishing professionals from various countries the opportunity to learn more about the German book sector and to expand their international professional network. Find out more about the program and the 2019 participants here

Frankfurter Buchmesse’s international Young Talent initiative

With its Young Talent initiative, Frankfurter Buchmesse supports programs for young publishing professionals in cooperation with partners from eight countries, namely, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, the USA, China, Brazil, Spain, and Switzerland. In cooperation with leading trade magazines and partners from the international publishing sector, the initiative honors exceptional talents in the publishing industry. The winners of the eight programs are invited to Frankfurter Buchmesse and receive each a full-week business and conference ticket. At the fair, they will participate in a program of events, including the fair’s festive opening ceremony and the Young Talent Reception organized by Frankfurter Buchmesse.

This year’s winners will be announced at the Young Talent Reception on 16 October at 6 pm in the Frankfurter Buchmesse Business Club. Please pre-register via e-mail.

The partners of the professional development programmes include The Bookseller (UK), Publishers Weekly (USA), Börsenblatt (Germany), PublishNews (Brazil), China Publishers Magazine (China), Schweizer Buchhandel (Switzerland), PublishNews (Spain) with Factoria Cultural and Fundación German Sánchez Ruiperez, and Groep Algemene Uitgevers and Stichting Elspeet (Netherlands).

Franco-German exchange programs

The Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt Program supports young literary translators from Switzerland, France, and Germany. The program is organized by Frankfurter Buchmesse in cooperation with the Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW/OFAJ), Bureau International de l’Édition Française and Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia. Under the auspices of translator Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt, ten young translators – five German-language and five French-language – visit publishing houses in France, Germany, and Switzerland and work on their own projects together with experienced mentors.

The Paris-Frankfurt Fellowship is aimed at young people from France, Germany, and Switzerland who have found their vocation in the publishing or bookselling industry and are enriching the sector with new ideas and exceptional dedication. The fellowship gives them a chance to make connections, get to know the German and French book markets and deepen their knowledge of the market. The program is organized by Frankfurter Buchmesse together with the Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW/OFAJ), Bureau International de l’Édition Française and Pro Helvetia.

Further forms of support for the next generation

The ‘Competition for Young Designers’ poster competition is organized by Frankfurter Buchmesse every year to welcome the guest of honor and has received positive feedback from design schools and the media.

Further international programs: Invitation Program and Frankfurt International Translators

Frankfurt International Translators, the program aimed at international literary and non-fiction translators translating from the German language, is taking place for the first time in 2019. Around 37 translators from all around the world will be part of an exclusive exchange and networking program taking place from 14 to 17 October 2019. The program is organized by Frankfurter Buchmesse with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office.

The Frankfurter Buchmesse Invitation Program offers small independent publishing companies from Africa, the Arab world, Asia, Central, and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean the chance to participate in the world’s biggest book fair. The program is organized by Frankfurter Buchmesse in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office.

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