Ocean Deep Printers’ takes Inovision to the new heights with Scodix Ultra Pro Foil

Offering wider range of foil types, on broader range of substrate options

Ocean Deep Printers installed Socdix Ultra Pro with foil in 2017

Founded in 1995 by Shripal R Patel, Ocean Deep Printers carries an ambition to become the world’s top-notch packaging printing services company. In order to offer more innovative prints to their customers, the company has launched a new venture name ‘Inovision’ and added Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil to it.

Inovision considers Scodix Ultra Pro as a valuable asset for them as it has given a different dimension to its business after installation in 2017. Inovision understood the value that Scodix and its wide range of applications that bring to any project. The ability to bring those enhancements to an even wider range of projects was what led it choose the Scodix Ultra with foil. With Scodix, Inovision has been able to provide a wider range of foil types, on a broader range of substrate options. In addition, the company will also be able to add foil to pieces printed with a larger range of coated and uncoated substrates as well, opening the door to even more customers and applications.

“The Scodix has proven to be a solid production machine for our business, and we have been benefitted greatly from the investment,” said Patel. “Scodix Foil adds a touch of prestige to products, whether embossing, using Scodix Sense selective varnishing, adding high gloss or through the remarkable quality delivered by foils. This dynamic system allows us to address a wider range of materials and polymers. As our business has expanded, we’ve gotten requests for all types of projects, produced on all types of substrates. Not only are we now able to deliver these luxury enhancements on personalized and short-run jobs, but with the cost savings made on eradicating the outsourcing of foiling/tooling costs and set-up time, we can make high-end finishing available to those even on tight budgets.

“Following this investment, we also have moved to new markets such as high-end packaging, because even in such an aggressively competitive market, it is clear that we can provide added value for brands in this sector. It’s a testament that demand has grown rapidly as our customers have seen what we can offer with our Scodix,” Patel added.

“Our mission is — and always has been — to provide our customers with an innovative and competitive technological and capabilities edge,” said Ajeet Pareek, vice president – Scodix Sales, Monotech Systems. “Inovision’s decision to buy the Scodix Ultra to take advantage of the multi-material platform is the perfect example of this philosophy in action. The demand they have created outstripped their original estimates. It is gratifying to not only see such a satisfied customer but one who continues to see the value in the Scodix line of products. We look forward to continuing to serve Inovision as their operations flourish for many years to come,” he shared.

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