Rainbow Digital commissions Canon imagePress C605

First Canon digital press in Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Nirav Shah, owner of Rainbow Digital with Canon imagePress C605
Nirav Shah, owner of Rainbow Digital with Canon imagePress C605

The eastern Mumbai suburb of Ghatkopar has in recent years seen a great increase in economic activity, especially in the real estate segment. Real estate projects tend to create good demand for high quality short run digital print, often with great added value in the finishing. Motivated by these developments, Nirav Shah is a young entrepreneur who recently started Rainbow Digital by commissioning a brand new Canon imagePress C605 production printer.

“I have been attached to the print industry for many years, working as a canvasser. In these years I have developed a good customer base. Now at this stage I felt that I needed to get digital printing in-house so that I can have a full control over quality, service and delivery,” says Shah.

Rainbow Digital officially started operations in the first week of June close to Ghatkopar station. Shah zeroed in on the Canon imagePRESS c605 after attending a demo session at Andheri-based Mahavir Digital, which bought the imagePRESS C650 early last year.

The Canon imagePRESS series consists of the ImagePRESS C650, ImagePRESS C750 and ImagePRESS C850 production printers. In terms of speeds, the C650, C750 and C850 can print 65, 75 and 85 pages per minute respectively at a resolution of 2400 x 2400 dpi.

“Rainbow Digital is the first digital print house in and around Ghatkopar to buy a Canon press. I was very impressed with the quality of print that Mahavir Digital was able to achieve. Although there are many digital printers in Ghatkopar, the focus on quality is absent. I want to change that. At present customers who want quality have to go all the way to Andheri to get their work done,” Shah says.

Rainbow Digital will now promote its new Canon press among potential customers in the area. Shah says that he has started interacting with canvassers, designers, and advertising agencies.

“My focus will totally be on offering high-quality print jobs. Many customers do not even know the importance of quality and how it can impact their business. I want to create that awareness. Also, those customers who were going to Andheri will no longer need to go there,” Shah argues.

Rainbow Digital’s main clients are in the real estate business for whom it prints items such as floor plans, booklets, and brochures, among others. According to Shah, Rainbow Digital will also get finishing tools from Dumor and GMP in the near future. Shah is talking to Monotech India, which distributes Dumor in India, regarding the Dumor 8335 Slit Cut machine which can slit, cut and crease in one pass and which has a 9-inch touch screen display and control. Shah is also looking to buy a GMP desktop roll laminator, which is also distributed in India by Monotech. Once the unit is fully equipped, Shah expects to print 5,000 impressions per day.

“We have invested in top class machinery to service premium clients who value quality and are not bothered about the price. I am hopeful we will achieve our targets,” Shah concludes.

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