RMGT open house in Japan

RMGT open house in Japan
L-R: Abhijeet Kolhatkar

On our recent visit to Japan, we had the opportunity to participate in an open house organized by Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology (RMGT). The open house was held on 19 January 2018 at RMGT’s manufacturing facility in Fukuyama, around 600 km from Tokyo. Over 100 representatives attended the event from India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Mexico and the Philippines.

During the course of the day, RMGT showcased demos of its latest offering, which included its 10 series Tandem Perfector printing press (1050TPC-9 with UV coating); 10 series machine equipped with inline quality control system (1050LX-6 with double coater); and its 9 series LED UV printing press with inline quality control system (920PF-8).

The RMGT 10 series of Tandem Perfector enables double-sided printing in a single pass without tumbling the sheet. The press also accommodates the one-pass multi-color perfecting of heavy paper stock. Running at speeds of 16,200 sheets per hour, the 1050TPC-9 is well-suited for high-quality package printing.

The second press demonstrated at the Open House event—the 1050LX-6 double coater—offers high speed printing at 17,100 sheets an hour. The press comes equipped with an inline quality inspection system and features a sheet transfer system that employs a unique air management technology and a skeleton transfer cylinder that keeps the surface of the printed sheets from coming into contact with the cylinder to prevent scratching and smearing.

The third demonstration of a 920PF-8+LED+UV press is RMGT’s A1 size convertible perfector that comes equipped with inline quality control system. Running at speeds up to 13,000 sheets an hour, the press supports a maximum paper size of 920 x 635 mm (perfecting) and a minimum of 410 x 370 mm, with a paper thickness of 0.04-0.4 mm. RMGT has installed more than 200 920PF-8 presses all over the world so far, which includes installation of 20 presses at one of Japan’s biggest web-2-print company. The press is considered highly productive and economical for A4 x 10p printing.

Vinay Kaushal, director, Provin Technos, the Indian representative of RMGT, “The market today is becoming dynamic and the printing industry in India is no different. RMGT’s success in the recent years has been due to its customer-centric approach, where it constantly strives to offer products that adhere to the changing market dynamics. RMGT’s primary focus is on higher productivity with waste reduction without compromising on the print quality. The open house organized here in Japan is an event to showcase the developments at RMGT.”

He further added, “Our customers wanted to understand the working of Japanese printers and accordingly we combined the trip with the visit to RMGT users. We are very happy that each and every customer was very satisfied with the tour and the purpose of the visit was fulfilled. We hope that this visit will help our customers to realign their business model to be more productive and profitable in this competitive environment.”

According to Keiji Katayama, senior vice president – sales and service, RMGT, “Printing companies today are faced with several challenges pertaining to short-run jobs, variety of job types and that of quick job delivery. These are coupled with the pressure of a heavy fall in printing prices. Other constraints include inexperienced printing operators, increase in personnel cost to operate presses and strong demand for sustainable solutions. At this open house, RMGT will propose several solutions in consideration of three points—maximum productivity with minimum operators, easier printing operation with automated features and advanced LED-UV technology.”

During the visit, Provin Technos signed two deals—one for a 790ST 4-color printing press with coater and another for a 920ST 6-color printing press with coater. While the first machine has been booked by one of Provin’s existing customers in Surat, the 920ST has been ordered by another leading Indian print house. Provin Technos has installed over 50 RMGT presses in India over the last three years, out of which 13 installations have been done in Surat alone.

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