Meduit Labs and Quintype’s upcoming webinar on maximizing reader revenue

Arm yourself with knowledge on improving content quality by Meduit Labs

Meduit Labs
Meduit Labs' upcoming webinar on maximizing reader revenue

As the environment of digital publication shifts fast, monetization is critical to the sustainability of media businesses. Meduit Labs, in association with Quintype, is organizing a webinar on ‘Optimize reader revenue model: way ahead for digital publishers’ on 22 July 2021 at 1500 hrs IST. The session aims to help digital creators maximize content quality armed with knowledge.

Ankit Dikshit, founder, and principal consultant, Meduit Labs will conduct the session which will cover important aspects such as identifying the target audience and potential subscribers, paywall and its types, North Star Metric for subscription success, various stages of the subscription life cycle, and finding the subscription product-market fit.

The seminar will provide significant insights on improving reader experience and data management for subscriptions. Meduit Labs is also offering a free consultation to five publishers who join the webinar.

Limited seats available. Click here to register your spot.

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