Wan Ifra’s Asian Media Leaders eSummit from 7-9 April

Ex-journalists share their strategies and success stories at the leaders eSummit

Leaders eSummit
Wan Ifra’s Asian Media Leaders eSummit 2021

Turning hotspots into hotspots, tokenizing digital art into virtual assets for investors big and small. Ex-journalists will share at the Asian Media Leaders eSummit, 7-9 April, their strategies and success stories in this age of fickle tastes and distraction. 

China’s No.1 hotpot chain, Haidilao, added 530 outlets in 2020, bringing its number of restaurants worldwide to nearly 1,300. Its executive director and chief strategy officer, Dr. Zhou Zhaocheng, said that the Covid-19 pandemic has offered an “opportunity” for the Hong Kong-listed company to expand, even as other players closed. 

Dr. Zhou, a nearly 20-year veteran of Singapore press holdings, is now responsible for Haidilao’s branding, legal matters, and risk management. Gain ideas and inspiration from how this popular customer experience business with outlets in China, Britain, Canada, the United States, Southeast Asia, and South Korea has accelerated growth during a pandemic and defied the odds by serving up “smart food” and great service.

Joining Dr. Zhao in the same session will be a fellow innovator and disruptor Anand Venkateswaran, steward of Metapurse – the world’s most significant non-fungible token (NFT) fund. Going by the name Twobadour, he and business partner Metakovan shook the art world when they bought a digital artwork by artist Beeple for a record-breaking US$69 million worth of Ethereum. The former journalist with Times Group of India, CNN-IBN, and The Hindu Online, was part of the Wikileaks investigation team in collaboration with The Guardian

Could NFTs be of any relevance to the media business? Find out from Twobadour at the Asian Media Leaders eSummit!

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