Wan-Ifra webinar training on ‘Election Reporting and Verification’

Wan-Ifra webinar registrations closing 6 April 2021

Wan-Ifra webinar
Wan-Ifra webinar on election reporting and verification

Wan-Ifra, in association with DataLeads and supported by the Google News Initiative, is pleased to offer a virtual 4-module journalism training program on election reporting and verification for journalists in South Asia. In this webinar, participants will learn to protect their passwords, secure phones, and build better awareness of resources. 

This training’s main objective is to help journalists use tools and techniques while verifying news during their coverage of the elections. And, this webinar is being offered separately in English and Bangla languages. 

Nowadays, journalists are increasingly vulnerable to digital threats and misrepresentation, especially during elections. At election time, journalists become easy targets of digital impersonation and fraudulent news. Therefore, journalists need to learn how to keep themselves and their sources digitally safe and secured. 

Wan-Ifra webinar dates and timing

The webinar will start on 7 April 2021 and will continue on 8, 12, 15 April 2021 between 11.30 am and 1:00 pm IST in English and between 3 pm and 4.30 pm IST in Bangla. The participants of Wan-Ifra webinar will be newsroom editors, chief of staff, senior reporters, and journalists who want to know more about election coverage, reporting, and verification processes. 

The referents of this webinar include Sonia Bhaskar, Head of TV and Web Synergy, NDTV, India; Sambit Pal, Assistant Professor, IIMC Dhenkenal; Varadarajan Ananthakrishnan, Resident Editor, DataLEADS; Joydeep Das Gupta, Editor, News Sense. 

For more information and registration, you can click here.

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