Wan-Infra Virtual Newsroom Summit – 8 to 10 June 2021

Editorial strategies for engaging and high-quality content

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Virtual Newsroom Summit 8 to 10 June 2021

Wan-Ifra is organizing a virtual newsroom summit on 8-10 June 2021 in which newsroom leaders around the globe will be discussing how newsrooms have changed in the last few months. They will share their plans for 2021 in leading remotely – while remaining agile.

They will also be discussing the publishers’ role in adding value for their readers and keeping them on board and engaged during the pandemic. The first day of the newsroom summit will be a dedicated CMS day focusing on how Content Management Systems support paid content goals from producing more engaging content to integrating with subscription systems and multi-platform distribution.

Meet with virtual newsroom leaders around the globe

  • Content that sells and the audience focus behind it – In this, they will explain why climate change topics convert readers to subscribe to one title but not at another, how well do you know the audience and how can you add value, are you representing enough diverse voices and what audiences are we missing without this diversity in the newsroom?
  • Newsroom Remotivation – This is all about who is your chief mindset officer and how do you keep going back and arguing for change, especially during a pandemic? Here, they will also elaborate on how newsroom roles and responsibilities have evolved over the past year, who has cracked the formula to maintain motivation and resilience in their teams and manage exhaustion, and what’s next?
  • Product strategies for driving new subscriptions – This topic will explain how newsletters, podcasts, apps, e-paper, etc., can bring more traffic and subscriptions and, ultimately, how to give proper attention to your new projects?
  • The sustainable digital newsroom – Here, our experts will tell us how the recent huge growth in digital subscriptions has changed the newsroom dynamics.

The virtual newsroom summit discussion is mainly about knowing the newsroom strategies during the pandemic and learning how other publishers have approached CMS’s selection process for adding value to their readers. 

Enroll yourself for the upcoming newsroom summit at https://wanifraevents.eventsair.com/newsroom-summit-2021/registration/Site/Register and join us today to know more about the editorial strategies for good content.


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