INMA webinar: McKinsey shares data, analytics trends for South Asia

Deep dive into ideas for companies to transform

INMA webinar

INMA will be organizing a webinar on 25 March for its members to learn about the next steps and priorities for growth for news media houses in South Asia as the story plays out post-COVID-19. 

Siddharth Gopalkrishnan, partner at McKinsey & Company, will share global trends and how they apply to South Asia to focus on the core technologies of data and analytics in creating a new road map for print and digital news media houses. 

The webinar will dive deep into companies’ ideas to transform, the emerging technology opportunities, proposed skill set, and organizational agility. INMA members will gain insights on developing the required data architecture for their company as they maneuver and overcome technology transformation.  

INMA webinar timing and registration

The webinar will take place from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. New York time and will be free for INMA members. Webinars are only available to INMA members. 

You can register here or send an eMail to Krista Avedikian at for more information. 


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