Bardoli’s National Xerox installs two KM presses since March

Enhanced capacity in digital colour and monochrome print

National Xerox
Linesh Brahmkhatri, owner of National Xerox with two KM presses

National Xerox is an established digital print service provider in Bardoli, in the Surat Metropolitan Region. In the last six months, it has commissioned two high-speed Konica Minolta digital production presses, substantially enhancing its print capacity. In March, National Xerox began printing on a new Konica Minolta AccurioPress C3080 colour production press. And then more recently, it installed and commissioned a Konica Minolta AccurioPress 6120 monochrome production press.

“With the two brand new Konica Minolta presses, we significantly increased our colour as well as black and white print capacity. We replaced several old presses with the two new presses. Apart from our capacity to print higher volumes at faster speeds, with the far better quality output of these presses, we have extended our capabilities,” says Linesh Brahmkhatri, the owner of National Xerox.

National Xerox services many students and therefore prints large volumes of black and white jobs. It prints for retail clients and jobbers, and canvassers locally and from the adjoining areas in a 50-kilometer radius. Being well known, it also gets customers from smaller towns near the Gujarat-Maharashtra border.

Talking about the new Konica Minolta presses, Brahmkhatri said that the recently installed AccurioPress 6120 had increased its monochrome printing capacity sufficiently to fill in for the two older black and white digital presses that it earlier employed. “We get a lot of demand for jobs from the student and academic community, and with the new presses, we can now service that the peak loads in that segment effortlessly. Since the AccurioPress 6120 can do the job of two older presses, it means our productivity has increased manifold,” said Brahmkhatri.

The AccurioPress 6120 press prints 120 monochrome pages per minute and has a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. The press includes a high-speed, dual-colour scanner with a maximum scanning speed of 240 opm.

The AccurioPress C3080 colour production press has an output of 81 pages per minute and accepts paper sizes up to 13” x 19.2” and paper basis weights up to 350 gsm. It can also print envelopes at the full rated speed. This press also produces prints at 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution with 8-bit processing.

Optimistic about the year

The Covid-19 induced lockdown impacted National Xerox’s business in the past few months, but thanks to print work from some customers in the essential services, it was relatively less impacted than many other companies. During the lockdown, it was printing jobs for some of the hand sanitizer manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

From now on, Brahmkhatri expects the new investments in the two Konica Minolta presses to help the company notch up higher volumes compared with the last financial year. “Despite the lockdown, our volumes have been steady due to the investment in the newer and faster machines from Konica Minolta. Since our capacity is much higher than last year, in the current 20-21 financial year, we expect our total volumes to be two and a half times higher than in FY 2019-2020,” Brahmkhatri concludes.

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