Roland DG’s SC-RD rotary axis for VersaUV and LEF Series

Rotary axis for 360º UV inkjet printing on cylindrical objects

SC-DG rotary axis accessory
The SC-DG rotary axis is a simple rack driven by the Roland DG printers for output on round objects using UV inks Images Roland DG Youtube

Roland DG has added to the versatility of its VersaUV LEF and LEF2 Series with the SC-RD accessory that enables the benchtop printers to print directly on the surface of cylindrical objects. The SC-RD rotary axis accessory is easy to install quickly and printers can immediately start developing designing and printing for personalized and short-run round objects including bottles. This could be another revenue opportunity in the personalized print market.

SC-DG rotary axis printed objects
Round objects including cosmetic can be printed using the SC-D rotary axis accessory

The user-installable SC-RD rotary axis complements the printing power of the VersaUV LEF-20, LEF-200, LEF2-200, SF-200, LEF-300 and LEF2-300 UV-LED benchtop printers. Roland’s new device enables these machines to extend their well-known versatility for print directly on the entire surface of cylindrical objects using Roland’s durable, high-adhesion UV inks. High quality print can be produced on the surface of almost any round surface or object including bottles, cans, candles, cosmetics, candles and packaging.

Easy user installation and simple integration with VersaWorks 6

VersaWorks 6, Roland’s latest and most powerful RIP software, integrates easily with the SC-RD, which means no need to spend time on changing the workflow and the standard rotary mode function makes it easy for printers switching between modes. The accessory can be easily assembled and installed in the VersaUV by the end-user, so it’s ready to use whenever it’s required. There are no printer parts to remove or cables to connect – the SC-RD is powered by the VersaUV itself.

Explore new markets

The SC-RD is an affordable way to offer new applications and access new markets. As an addition to an existing VersaUV workflow, or an integral part of new investment, the rotary axis can help print businesses expand. It’s ideal for packaging – including personalized items, mock-ups, and short runs – plus cosmetics and beauty, home décor, food and drink, gifts and promotional products, and industrial products such as prototypes.

SC-DG Rotary Axis on the Roland UV inkjet printers
Personalized printing on bottles using the SC-DG Rotary Axis on the Roland UV inkjet printers

“The SC-RD is truly the easiest way to expand the possibilities of a UV printer, thanks to its simple software integration and fast installation,” says Paul Willems, director of Business Development and Product Management, Roland DG EMEA. “This new accessory builds on the already fantastic material versatility and ease of use of the VersaUV LEF and LEF2, to help print businesses access new markets and customers.”

The SC-RD rotary axis is currently available to customers in the EMEA region.

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