think grey installs two Monotech Pixeljet printers

Pixeljet Pro & Pixeljet Mini UV printers add capacity and flexibility

Sridhar Vysetty with the new Monotech Pixeljet Mini UV flatbed ink jet printer

Hyderabad-based think grey ads has recently purchased and installed two Monotech wide-format inkjet printers – a Pixeljet Power pro and a Pixeljet Mini UV flatbed. The Pixeljet Power Pro printer is a 10-foot wide printer giving think grey the capability of producing very large signage at improved speeds. The Pixeljet Power pro has an array of 6 inkjet Ricoh Gen6 heads, which include CMYK and white.

The Pixel jet mini UV flatbed printer has eight heads, including four for CMYK inks and two each for white ink and varnishing. The printer can lay down very strong whites and varnishes for specialized applications that require double white printing and double varnishing.

Sridhar Vysetty, the owner and managing director of think grey ads, has extensive experience in the advertising, signage, and POP industry. He started the ambitious company in 2002 and now has over 200 corporate customers across India. Working out of its own premises, it has reached a level of 35 employees in its three branches with plans to grow nationally and overseas. Sridhar is keen to develop exports for think grey’s outdoor, printed, and fabricated products.

Note: This article has been corrected and updated on 10 August 2020 with additional information.

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