Mungu Media launches a hyperlocal platform

OOH and DOOH industries ‘behind the times’

Mungu Media launches hyperlocal DOOH platform Photo Mungu Media
Mungu Media launches hyperlocal DOOH platform Photo Mungu Media

On 20 July 2020, Bengaluru-based Mungu Media launched what it claims is India’s largest hyperlocal digital out of home (DOOH) marketplace. The company says this is a milestone in its mission to build the country’s biggest hyperlocal DOOH advertising exchange and or programmatic advertising platform. Mungu Media has several launches that it is planning post-Covid.

Mungu Media Marketplace targets DOOH advertising agencies and DOOH media planners. Recently the DOOH industry saw the launch of two major programmatic DOOH advertising platforms. However, according to Mungu’s press release, the OOH industry and budding DOOH industry at large lacks the knowledge and knowhow of DOOH advertising and its latest technologies.

Vinay Katwe, CEO, Mungu Media, says, “Digital marketing is a window into an increasingly globalized world, with contemporary marketing in India still ‘behind the times.’ Marketing in India today places too much emphasis on marketing through newspapers and newsletters – particularly in Tier II and III cities. The idea behind Mungu Media emerged from the perceived gaps between effective marketing and publishers and advertisers’ role within this sphere.”

He adds, “Our vision is focused on bridging the gap between advertisers and publishers by establishing an innovative platform that would allow unique and accessible alternatives to traditional marketing. By establishing an alternative, accessible, and affordable marketing platform, Mungu Media would also be able to promote smaller local businesses looking for growth in more high-traffic areas.”

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