Media Expo Delhi 2019 grows by 14%

MEA Media Expo Excellence Awards to launch in Mumbai

Michael Dehn, general manager – Sales and Marketing, Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India at Media Expo Delhi 2019
Michael Dehn, general manager – Sales and Marketing, Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India at Media Expo Delhi 2019

In a conversation with Michael Dehn, general manager – Sales and Marketing, Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India at Media Expo Delhi 2019, he said, “There is an increase in the number of visitors at this year’s Delhi show. The exhibition increased by 14% in size than last year. This is a dynamic industry and the three big concerns at this year’s show – environmental concerns and cost.”

Expanding on his point, Dehn said, “There is a huge pressure by customers to replace existing materials with more sustainable options. There is also a problem of replacing flex material with more environmentally friendly options. It is difficult to give up flex altogether because it is durable, can be used indoor and outdoor, very cheap, and finding its alternative is not easy. But I am honestly not worried about it, it is a pure volume question. The volume of the alternative material is low, but the moment it becomes mainstream, the volume will go up and its price will go down. Flex is affordable right now because of its volume. I am sure when flex was introduced, it was probably very expensive.”

“The mentality in the industry is also changing. The exhibitors tell me that the pressure from the customer’s side is increasing, especially with big customers who are willing to pay for it. And I am happy to say that one of the presentations during the conference on the first day of Media Expo focused on sustainability. The major industry players are passionate about these initiatives and the market will follow them,” Dehn explained.

The pressure from the customers for innovative options is forcing manufacturers to come up with new ideas. “In terms of 3D printing, there is more 3D printing technology this time than the last time. We have the world’s biggest 3D printer, Massivit 3D, on display by Arrow Digital. Apart from that, there is a question of how will digital replace traditional products. Digital products will not replace traditional technology. They can be integrated to complement each other. Some things are better on the screen while others are better in print. The two forms of technology will have to support each other. And you can see that happening in the form of hybrid printers at the stands of our exhibitors,” Dehn said.

According to Dehn, the exhibition had 25% international exhibitors. The show has grown by 64% since Messe Frankfurt took over Media Expo from MEX Exhibitions in 2016. The major attraction of the show was large format printing. Visitors had the chance to see live demonstrations, compare different products, and interact with the exhibitors to make decisions in real-time. The exhibition also had small and medium-sized businesses

Media Expo Mumbai will take place from 20 to 22 February 2020. Most of the exhibitors from the Delhi show have already confirmed their participation at the upcoming Mumbai show. The MEA Media Excellence will be launched at Media Expo Mumbai 2020. Along with Ernst & Young, Messe Frankfurt will organize the awards in the categories – innovative use of hoardings/billboards (non-lit), innovative use of ambient media, innovative use of transit media, innovative use of digital signage, innovative display of brand through POP/POS, eco-friendly brand of the year, digital signage company of the year, innovative POP solutions/products, printer of the year and agency of the year. The winners will be announced at the Mumbai show. The jury will include journalists, designers, and industry leaders.

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