Epson’s inkjet printers at Sign India Expo 2019

Epson targets bigger share of Indian signage


At Sign India Expo 2019 in New Delhi, Epson displayed a variety of wide format inkjet printers at its stand. Epson claims that its SureColor S80670 10-color wide format printer is the best in its class with an unmatched combined print quality and speed. “We are the only company to produce and supply 10-color printers to the industry. We sell our printers to all our vendors such as Mimaki and Roland. However, they’re selling our older versions. Because of our small droplet sizes, we are the best in quality and the printers are economical as well. We use original ink cartridges with better (bigger) color gamuts that can enhance print quality. The printing width of this machine is 64 inch and it runs at 170 square feet an hour,” says Ashutosh Kumar Tripathy, assistant manager – Prographic Products at Epson.

For the photo and fine arts segment, the company showcased its P20070 printer. The company offers the P20070 series for the photo segment in 13-inch, 17-inch, 24-inch and 44-inch and 64-inch variants. The P20070 is the 64-inch variant specially designed for enhancement of photo reproductions. Epson also displayed its bulking system printer, a die-based printer for indoor signage.

“In the signage industry, Epson is witnessing tremendous growth. Our market share has increased over the years. We arrived in this field comparatively late. There were many other companies who were dominating the market before we entered. However, we have a clear edge over the others in terms of technology and output quality. On the basis of this factor, we are gaining a huge market share. Epson has a 9% market share currently in the signage segment and we’re extremely confident about increasing it in the coming days. In 2019, we are aiming to double our market share,” concludes Tripathy.

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