Hunkeler Systeme has three new surprises in store

Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019 – Lucerne 25 - 28 February

Hunkeler Systeme
The cutting module SSM-570 removes and shreds punch scraps downstream from a punch machine.

The new cutting module SSM-570, connected after the punch machines, removes and shreds and stamp scraps. In the SSM-570, rollers, turning synchronously with the punch machines, take the scraps to the cutting blades. Suction (optionally also a conveyor belt) removes the shredded material from the working area. The maximum working width for the SSM-570 is 570 mm at present. At Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019, the new cutting module is downstream to a rotating punch machine, BSR 550 Servo, from the company Bograma.

The new Hunkeler Document Destruction System HDDS 20 destroys paper documentation and electronic data carriers; for paper, the HDDS 20 fulfils the requirements for security levels P3 and P4 according to the Norm DIN 66399. For optical data carriers the system corresponds to all relevant security levels. The dust-free function of the HDDS 20 makes it ideal for document destruction in an office environment. Performance is – regardless of material to be destroyed – 30 kilos of shredded material per hour. The shredded material is compacted into briquettes.

The Hunkeler Document Destruction System HDDS 20 destroys paper documents and electronic data carriers

Another new development is the compact suction HKU 2000-N. It ensures nonstop-production on a comparatively small surface area with only one waste container. During the changeover of a full for an empty container, the paper waste is retained in a short-term buffer. The suction needn’t be switched off, and production without interruption is insured.

In Lucerne, Hunkeler Systeme disposes of production waste from the production lines of various exhibition partners via a central suction and compacting system. Additionally, another eight HKU-compact suction systems dispose of production waste on site at partner stands. On several Inkjet-printing systems, a paper de-dusting module I-PEM (integrated into the line) cleans the paper web before it enters the printing system. The I-PEM functions according to the negative pressure principle, without mechanical contact with the paper web.

Hunkeler Systeme AG, headquartered in Wikon, Switzerland, develops and constructs disposal systems of various sizes. The systems extend from small baling presses and press containers, via large suction and compacting systems to high security plants for securities destruction. Hunkeler Systeme, a globally active company, counts among its customers commercial and service industries, printers, packaging producers, secondary resource dealers, local communes, wood, synthetic and metal processing companies, large retail distributers and national financial institutes.

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