Komori adds new 8-color Lithrone G37P Perfector to its 37-inch sheetfed presses

The new press to be shown at IGAS 2018

Lithrone G37P
Lithrone G37P

Komori America has introduced an eight-color Lithrone G37P perfector capable of one-pass double-sided printing. The Lithrone G37P is designed with a compact body size and can be equipped with a wide range of options, including Komori’s proprietary H-UV or H-UV L (LED).

To thoroughly optimize the print output, the optional  PQA-S Print Quality Assessment System can be added to inspect every sheet for defects and continuously adjust ink keys to maintain consistent color throughout the run-all at maximum speed.  The PQA-S works in conjunction with the PDC-SX Spectral Print Density Control by combining automatic register functions with deep analysis of print characteristics, such as grey balance, dot gains and Delta E, ensuring the highest level of print quality.

The perfecting mechanism of this new press does not require any gripper change as the sheet is flipped; instead, the entire gripper mechanism rotates after taking the tail of the sheet from the vacuum cylinder.  This design adds stability and reliability when turning the sheet, with a huge reduction in maintenance requirements.  The simplicity of the Lithrone G37P delivers high quality output at high production speeds. Additionally, the ability of the press to reduce the initial set-up and production cost on materials such as plates, blankets and rollers supports the Lithrone G37’s ability to generate profitability.

The new eight-color Lithrone G37P will be debuted at Komori’s pre-IGAS (International Graphic Arts Show) event at Komori’s Tsukuba Plant in Tsukuba City, Japan on 14-15 June. It will also be exhibited and demonstrated at IGAS 2018 beginning 26 July.

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