Roaring success for Mehta Cad Cam System at Media Expo 2021

Price competitive tech without compromising quality is the way forward

Shailesh Mehta, director, Mehta Cad Cam System showcases his Blaze UV RTR Printer at Media Expo 2021. photo IPP

Ahmedabad headquartered Mehta Cad Cam Systems, has since 1989, been a proponent of CNC, laser, and digital printing technologies. It manufactures and brings the newest equipment or technology from around the world to India and creates a wide range of applications, consumables, accessories, and linked technologies.

On the show floor at Media Expo 2021 at Greater Noida, Mehta Cad Cam System showcased its technology-driven machines for indoor and outdoor signage and digital printers. The stand was a hive of activity, with the whole crew on their toes, catering to guests who came to the podium to see the equipment on show. We saw live demonstrations of several types of machines, which attracted the industry visitors, while the stand added to get back to the business spirit and ambience of the Expo.

CNC machines, a CO2 laser machine, a fibre laser cutting machine and digital printers such as the Gen 5 UV RTR 1.8 meter wide printer with Konica 1024i 13 picoliter heads were shown. A UV flatbed printer with Kyocera print heads was shown and a 4×8-foot 300w C02 laser machine for cutting 40 mm acrylic was demonstrated among other Cadcam devices.

Raj Mehta (left) and Shailesh Mehta (right), director, standing at their stand at Media Expo.
photo IPP

Shailesh Mehta, director, Mehta Cad Cam System, and his son Raj Mehta spoke with Indian Printer and Publisher and expressed their views on the Media Expo, “The visitors’ footfalls were fine. People are gathering and attending the shows. As expected, the fear of Covid-19 is falling behind. Now visitors are coming to see the new machines for the market to carry on their business activities.”

At the Expo, Mehta Cad Cam highlighted its Blaze digital printer, a UV RTR printer with Konica 1024i 13 picoliters printheads. At the same time, Mehta’s super-launch was of another high speed and stable solvent ink printer using an advanced Seiko printhead of 1024 Mossel. The two sets of printheads in the solvent printer can produce around 1,100 square feet an hour. Fifteen of these devices have been installed to date. Mehta said the company has been working for 20 years in the industry, manufacturing machines, but started making digital printers only in the past four years.

Mehta price and quality war with China

“Make-in-India firms compete only with Chinese items. We also intend to lower the prices of CO2 Laser and CNC router equipment to compete with those imported from China, without losing quality. It is the only way we can assist Indian manufacturing in growing. We can simply limit our Chinese competitors by competing on price without compromising our product quality,” said Raj Mehta giving the new generation’s perspective on the current opportunity.

According to him, on the second day of the Media Expo, Mehta Cad Cam sold two of its machines at the show to a Kolkata printer. “We have maintained a rigorous commitment to providing immediate service assistance while also providing extensive training to our clients’ operational teams. We arrange spare parts on the spot to enable our customers to run their businesses smoothly and efficiently for years.”

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