Kao Chimigraf at Media Expo in New Delhi in November

LED curable inks for wide-format applications

Kao Chimigraf's Atomic inkjet inks for wide-format signage to be shown at Media Expo in November in New Delhi Photo Kao
Kao Chimigraf's Atomic inkjet inks for wide-format signage to be shown at Media Expo in November in New Delhi Photo Kao

Kao Chimigraf has taken its first step by bringing its inkjet inks to India for the Indian signage market with two main LED curable inks for wide-format applications. Kao is extremely successful in Europe with its Atomic and Cyclone series, one of the most used UVLED inks for printheads such as Ricoh or Konica Minolta. The company uses the most eco-friendly UVLED raw materials and these inks comply with all the most stringent European regulations. Cyclone is a flexible ink to be used in roll-to-roll UVLED machines and has the same quality standards as Atomic inks. Kao believes these two inks are the ones that will be of most interest to the Indian signage market where it sees the growth potential. 

Francois Aguilar, Kao’s chief commercial officer says, “In the present moment Kao has a presence worldwide including India, in the coding and marking industry. From solvent, oil-based to water-based inks, whether we talk about Piezo or TIJ technology, we have a nice presence in the Indian market. Although in wide-format graphics market we are now stepping in seeing the constant growth in the UV market as per our longest and professional experience, and the present new developments happening in India. where we can offer customers great solutions from the bucket of our products.”

The other inks Kao will be offering to Indian customers are solvent and eco-solvent inks to be used with almost all the inkjet technologies. The Kao solvent inks are high in quality pigments, with the best colorimetry to ensure a perfect gamut, specifically for red colors. Also, Kao Chimigraf would like to help the Indian OEM’s to look for more alternative eco-friendly ink solutions.

Kao Chimigraf is a company that has been in the European and American inkjet market for more than 15 years. Kao knows how to print, how to increase the printing output, and most importantly it understands the customer’s feeling when there is a lack of response from the ink factory they work with. For the Indian customers’ requirements, Kao aims to be a responsive partner that not only understands the market but has a willingness to provide quality and robust inks with a strong supply chain.

Kao Chimigraf's inkjet ink factory in Barcelona, Spain Photo Kao
Kao Chimigraf’s inkjet ink factory in Barcelona, Spain Photo Kao

The company has a strong belief that there is always space to improve. It undoubtedly understands that quality will always be more expensive than low-cost inks. However, being cost-effective with a quality product is something Kao has always strived for and continuously works on.

Marc Granero, Kao’s inkjet sales manager says, “Our range of products and our services are designed to deliver the best solutions adapted to each printing job thanks to our quality, high-performance materials. This enables us to give our customers real value. Kao Chimigraf did not gain this expertise because they have the best and biggest team in the world, but they got this expertise by traveling to the customer sites and visiting them. This is what they call in Japanese, Genba-ism.” Visit the Kao stand in the Media Expo in Delhi from 18 to 20 November, where there are good surprises for visitors.

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