Yintong signs for 56 RMGT multicolor offset presses at China Print 21

China Print exhibition is a huge success especially for RMGT

RMGT Yintong -Ding China Print
The celebration at the RMGT - Dinga stand at China Print 2021 of the purchase by Yintong Corporation of 56 multicolor presses in a single order for delivery over 3 years Image RMGT

Yintong Corporation signed up for the purchase of 56 multicolor RMGT 920 series sheetfed presses at China Print to be delivered and installed over the next three years. The presses ordered include one RMGT 920 8-color perfector with LED-UV+PQS-D(I+C+R) and Smart Assist Printing. Twenty-four RMGT 920 9-color perfector presses with LED-UV and ten RMGT 920 4-color presses. An addition ten RMGT 970 4-color presses, and ten RMGT 970 5-color + IR+CC+SLD The order also includes one larger format RMGT 970 8-color perfector with LED-UV.

The deal for all these 56 presses was signed at China Print 2021 by Yintong which is an on-line supplier of print or a web to print company with RMGT’s Chinese distributor, Beijing Jia He Ding Xin Technology & Business known as Dinga. Dinga took part in the exhibition and showed three presses there – a RMFT 1050 8-color Tandem Perfector with LED UV, an RMGT 920 8-color perfector with LED UV and an RMGT 790 5-color plus coater with extended delivery. Needless to say, Dinga achieved great success at the exhibition.

China Print 21 held in Beijing from 23 to 27 June 2021, attracted 136,388 visitors over the five days. Another 1.1 million visitors accessed the home page of the exhibition. RMGT’s distributor in China, Dinga broadcast several videos of his customers using the company’s 1050 and 920 series presses in the country. RMGT says it has never before experienced such a large single customer order such as the one from commercial printer Yintong.

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