Konica Minolta undertakes a new initiative- Prayaas

The brand intends to plant 4000 trees in the coming three years

Konica Minolta undertakes a new initiative, “Prayaas”
Right-Left- V Balakrishnan, Manish Gupta, Amit Kumar, Ashok Sethi, Praveen Seth, Tai Nizawa, Arun Kumar Ghosh, Kuldeep Malhotra, L.K. Gandhi, Vivek Jain, Nitin Gupta and team

Konica Minolta has recently celebrated its 11th anniversary by hosting a tree plantation drive in association with SankalpTaru. As a part of this initiative, it has successfully planted 100 trees in the NCR region while strictly adhering to all COVID-19 safety protocols. The idea is not just to plant saplings and forget, instead they have arranged for tending to those till they become full-grown trees throughout their lifetime.

Tai Nizawa, managing director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions India
Tai Nizawa, managing director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions India

Tai Nizawa, managing director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions India, said, “We are delighted to complete 11 years of operations in India, successfully catering to the evolving printing needs and demands of businesses. We would like to thank all our customers and partners for believing in us and maintaining this long-standing relationship. This tree plantation drive is just a small effort (Prayaas) towards the environment and giving back to society.” 

Konica Minolta chose Aravalli Hills for its initiative

Aravalli Hills is chosen as the location because of a multitude of reasons, foremost among them being that it checks the desertification of the northern plains in India, it also acts as the “green lungs” for not only Delhi NCR but also the adjoining states and last but not the least has a positive impact on the overall climate of the region by helping in the recharge of the groundwater as well as ensuring that the biodiversity continues to thrive. 

As a responsible business leader, Konica Minolta has been taking several initiatives to protect the environment. The brand also runs a program for collecting used MFPs, printers, and other products from customers and recycling them in compliance with the necessary laws in each location. Rather than manually crushing these discarded items in their entirety, the partner agency recycles and reuses them as raw materials after appropriate segregation (plastics, metals, and toxic wastes). Konica Minolta has recently been felicitated with the prestigious Grand Prix award for consistently improving the environment. 


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