Wan-Ifra shifts the World News Media Congress dates to December 2021

World News Media Congress is the annual meeting of news publishers and editors

Wan-Ifra World News Media Congress in Taipei
Wan-Ifra World News Media Congress in Taipei

The prospect of easing International travel restrictions as COVID-19 vaccinations increase has prompted Wan-Ifra to shift the dates of its World News Media Congress in Taipei, Taiwan, from 28-30 September to 1-3 December 2021.

“As everyone has been reminding us, great things happen when the community comes together and connects at the World News Media Congress for much-needed, face-to-face discussions about the future of our industry,” said Vincent Peyrègne, Wan-Ifra CEO. “By moving the event to later in the year, we are increasing the chances of holding a vibrant and safe event. We are hopeful that by December, travel restrictions will have eased.”

Taiwan has managed the pandemic exceptionally well through a mix of early and effective prevention and border controls. In addition, its highly digitized population of almost 24 million people embrace technology and innovation, which has helped the government track and contain the spread of the virus.

Wan-Ifra to hold a safe three-day event

The World News Media Congress is the annual meeting of news publishers, editors, and owners worldwide. It is hosted in a different city each year. The 2019 Congress in Glasgow drew around 900 people from more than 60 countries for three days of conferences, executive meetings, networking, and social events. This will be the third time the event will be held in Asia, after Bangkok in 2013 and India in 2009.

Wan-Ifra continues to work with local host partner United Daily News Group and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau to ensure a safe three-day event. The World News Media Congress will include the 2nd World Media Leaders Summit, 28th World Editors Forum, and the 5th Women in News Summit. For more information and regular updates, visit the event website.


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