ppi Media spins off a startup – ppi n3xt

ppi n3xt offers digitization support for various sectors

ppi n3xt
ppi n3xt is aimed at helping smaller companies in their digitization process

ppi Media, the well-known publishing system and newspaper production software company, has spawned a new company called ppi 3nxt. Ppi 3nxt will be a service provider specializing in digitization services for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

The optimization of IT processes and the advancement of digitization strategies are some of the most critical tasks facing small and medium-sized companies in Germany. ppi Media provides providing publishing houses with automated workflows and digitization processes and has done so for the past 35 years. Now it has decided to accelerate this development by creating a new service provider company.

ppi n3xt combines the core skills and proven infrastructure of ppi Media with the agility of startups to provide SMEs in all sectors with quick, competent and targeted support to their digitization strategy. Some of the services offered by ppi n3xt include consulting and workshops, the development and programming of tailored software solutions, and the design of integration solutions. 

“Founding ppi n3xt was a logical step,” says Manuel Scheyda, the managing director of ppi n3xt and ppi Media. “The Digital Services department at ppi Media has been offering support to several companies outside the publishing world for many years, including businesses in the beverage and pharmaceutical industries. We thought it was time to create a unique profile and image for the services we offer to SMEs – that’s what ppi n3xt is all about.”

Dr. Hauke Berndt, who is also the managing director of ppi Media, adds, “ppi n3xt simply gives us an unbeatable advantage over most other companies that offer digitization services. The company is the product of 35 years of experience in software development, consulting, and project management. We’re the masters of prototyping, UX/UI design, process digitization, and interface design.” 

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