PaperSpecs pro members briefed by Color-Logic on fluorescents in design

Color-Logic fluorescents briefing on being part of every design school curriculum

Color-Logic Touch7
Color-Logic Touch7 example from PaperSpecs pro briefing

Color-Logic co-founder and CTO Richard Ainge, who also developed the Touch7 Neon process, recently briefed pro members of PaperSpecs on the power of the new fluorescent inks available on the latest digital presses.

Ainge’s comment regarding the briefing, “Touch7 was developed five years ago for conventional and digital presses, but as more digital presses with fluorescent inks become available, graphic designers often find themselves unclear about the potential and the pitfalls of fluorescents. We provided the PaperSpecs pro membership with an overview of color gamut expansion, the various print engines available, and the design software now on the market. OEM color guides available from press manufacturers were also described.”

Lenz commenting on the Color-Logic fluorescents briefing

PaperSpecs founder and CEO Sabine Lenz, commenting on the briefing, said: “PaperSpecs pro members were entranced by the presentation and suggested that material from the Color-Logic fluorescents briefing should be part of every design school curriculum.” One of the audience participants added, “I gained a significantly deeper understanding of the technical side of fluorescent design and how to enhance color intensity.”

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