New HP Latex 700 and 800 Printers for versatility & sustainability

HP India announces new Latex printer portfolio 

The new HP Latex 800W Printer Photo HP
The new HP Latex 800W Printer Photo HP

HP India has introduced its new Latex large format print solutions to help print service providers diversify their offerings and meet more challenging customers’ needs. After a year of business disruption across the large format industry, the HP Latex 700 and 800 series brings a suite of features that enable PSPs to be more agile, tackle ambitious projects, and take on high-value work. The new portfolio also delivers fast workflows that help businesses hit deadlines while sharpening their sustainability edge.

“When you think about HP Latex, imagine the unique ability to say yes to every customer request, regardless of fast-changing schedule or application demands. Help meet deadlines with indisputable operator and environmental safety, as, with HP Latex, every signage and décor decision becomes a sustainable one,” said Guayente Sanmartin, general manager, Large Format Business, HP. “The new Latex 700 and 800 portfolio will allow PSPs to win big by navigating customer challenges in the next normal and embracing more ambitious projects – safe in the knowledge their work will deliver.”

Vitesh Sharma, Country Manager, Large Format Production Business, HP India, said, “The new HP Latex 700 and 800 series portfolio will offer professional color quality, with a purpose to address every customer request – regardless of fast-changing schedule or application demands. They will also be able to bring significant improvements in productivity and efficiency by up to 50% to meet organization goals. With our new HP Latex 700W and 800 printers, we will empower PSPs to navigate customer challenges in the next normal and embrace more ambitious projects.”

The new HP Latex range in India consists of two devices – the HP Latex 700W and 800, which offer white ink capability for the first time in this category. It is the whitest white ink available on the market that does not yellow over time, enabling print businesses to produce neater outlines and add more contrast to darker supports.

Meanwhile, updated printheads possessing more nozzles and producing speeds of up to 36 square meters an hour (388 square feet and hour) allow the HP Latex 800 to offer 50% higher productivity levels than previous HP models. Print jobs executed on the new HP Latex series will deliver vivid colors and fine image and text details, even at their faster print speeds. Operationally, the HP PrintOS enables PSPs to monitor and control their print fleet using a cloud-based interface they can use from virtually anywhere, anytime.

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