Sudharshan Machinery launches new semi-automatic screen printing & UV curing machines

Completes expansion of production facility in Chennai

Sudharshan Machinery
The new equipment by Sudharshan Machinery

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and resultant slow down in the printing industry, Sudharshan Machinery, Chennai, India, has announced the launch of their newly designed screen printing machines, UV curing, and screen making equipment. During the whole pandemic period (after lockdown), the company has also undertaken a major expansion of its production facilities (1500 square meter) in Chennai to meet the future production demands.

Commenting on the launch of their new range of screen printing machinery, K Sundar Raman, managing director of Sudharshan Machinery, said, “As an innovative company in the screen printing industry, during the Covid-19 pandemic, instead of worrying about the future, I rather spent a lot of time in redesigning our range of screen printing machines and allied equipment with added features and benefits to end-users and get ready to offer the best screen printing solutions.”

The company has launched a new semi-automatic screen printing machine (18 x 22 – inch print area). Branded as “Max Print,” the screen printing machine does not require a compressor and runs with a single-phase power supply. This model also comes in the size of 15 inch x 20 inch. The Max Print 18 x 22 (weighing 180 kilogram) can accommodate the frame size of 30 x 32 inch with a Bed size 23.5 x 27.5 inch. The machine runs at a speed of 900 cycle/hour.

Sudharshan Machinery

Sudharshan Machinery has also launched a new UV curing machine series, with new design and elegant look. It is offered in 12 inch / 18 inch / 20 inch / 24 inch and 30 inch configuration. Just now, the company has released the 20-inch configuration UV curing machine.

The semi-automatic screen printing machine and the UV curing machines are jointly required for Spot UV and UV varnish application on offset printed commercial jobs/packaging jobs, wedding cards, or even in the industrial screen printing application. The printing machine is also being used in various types of shopping bag printing.

Sundar Raman adds: “Over the years, based on our customers’ feedback, we have been upgrading all our machines. We redesigned all our models, and in the coming months, we are going to release this new range of machines, one by one. We are pleased to present the 18 x 22 inch Max Print semi-automatic screen printing machine and 20 inch UV curing machine with a new look and improved performance.”

Sudharshan Machinery

In the coming days, the company is also planning to launch their newly designed screen exposing equipment and a new large-format exposing equipment (55 x 60 inch). Also, plans are ready to launch a 15 foot long IR dryer. Finally, Sudharshan Machinery is also set to launch their 30 inch x40 inch large format Vertical type (2 post pillar) semi-automatic screen printing machine for industrial and graphics screen printing applications such as auto decals, signage, display boards.

Established in 2003, Sudharshan Machinery has installed over 600 machines all over India and abroad. The company is a vendor for many renowned OEMs such as Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Whirlpool, Tafe, Henkel, Amaron, Cumins, National Aerospace Laboratory, Shankar Sealing. In addition to its regular products, the company also offers special purpose machines for various industrial segments and applications.

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