Business Standard named among gold-standard publications

Former FT editor speaks to Indian Journalism Review

Business Standard
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Lionel Barber, the former editor of the Financial Times, London, has named
Business Standard among gold-standard publications in a podcast on Indian
Journalism Review. Barber named other non-European non-American publications
such as Nikkei and Australian Financial Review as the two other publications to
meet this standard at which he rates the Financial Times.

Journalist Krishna Prasad interviewed Barber after the recent launch of his new
book The Powerful and the Damned. The interview also touched upon topics such as
the current Covid-19 crisis, demonetization, and the importance of news. Barber
also spoke of his mentors Harold Evans (Sunday Times) and Ben Bradlee (The
Washington Post); and his father’s powerful contribution to his career in journalism.

Barber served a tenure of 15 years from 2005-2020 as the editor of the Financial
Times. He was a reporter and foreign correspondent before taking up the chair as
editor of the London-based financial newspaper.

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