L&T constructs two-story building using 3D printing technology

3D printing to offer mass-market affordable housing in India

3D printed multistory house constructed by L&T

L&T Construction, a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro, recently announced that it has built a multistory building using 3D printing technology. The building is said to be the first of its kind in the country and proves that 3D printing technology can be used for construction purposes as well.

The printed two-story building, covering a 700 square foot area, is located at the Kanchipuram plant of Larsen & Tourbo. It uses a special concrete mix along with traditional construction materials. Welded mesh was also used along with vertical iron reinforcement bars to satisfy the Indian codes of construction and make the building cost-effective. A fully automated 3D printer was employed for the construction work, which took 106 hours to print. The building was built ‘in situ’ by placement of one 3D printed layer over another.

3D printing is a technology used by printers to construct a three-dimensional object by printing layer upon layer. The construction vertical of 3D printing technology is still under research around the world. The 3D printed housing model builds hope for fast and affordable housing in the country.

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