Monotech launches Pixeljet Torpedo eco-solvent inkjet

3.2-meter wide printer with KM 1024i SHE print heads

The new Monotech Systems Pixeljet Torpedo Photo Monotech
The new Monotech Systems Pixeljet Torpedo Photo Monotech

On 17 September 2020, Monotech Systems launched its Pixeljet Torpedo 10 feet wide eco-solvent printer in New Delhi. The press release says the Torpedo is designed for premium quality at high output speeds while being environmentally friendly. The new printer uses the Konica Minolta KM 1024i SHE industrial-grade print heads.

Describing the newly launched inkjet wide-format printer, Monotech’s general manager for Wide-format Graphics, Garg, said, “The Pixeljet Torpedo is designed for seamless printing of indoor and outdoor applications. The printer is equipped with industrial-grade print heads, which can print up to a maximum speed of 120 square meters an hour (1291.67 square feet an hour).

It is capable of printing on a wide range of substrates for indoor and outdoor applications such as fabric, SAV, PVC banner, backlit, and window film. It also has the capability to print on dual rolls that offer more flexibility to the user.”

The 3.2-meter wide printing width is accomplished at 1,440 dpi resolution. Key features include the dual media rollers with a gripper to smoothly support and release flexible media and fabric. Multiple rolls can be loaded at one time with an adjustable lock. Apart from this, the machine has three conductive heaters and one high-efficiency IR dryer with a fan available for post-heating curing, and an anti-crash sensor for soft media and fabric.

The company claims that the machine’s high level of precision components ensures a long life for the machine with fewer service intervals. Monotech’s Pixeljet is claimed to be India’s leading brand in wide format digital printing. Introduced in 2005, the brand has established itself due to its reliability, quality, commitment, and continuous technological advancements with a robust R&D center and the company’s customer-centric approach.

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