Zund UK and Inca Digital’s innovation partnership

Combining high-end digital print and cut workflows

The Inca Digital Spyder Photo Inca Digital

Zund UK and Inca Digital have announced a new innovation-based partnership that sees both companies working together to offer customers in the signage, graphics, and packaging industries fully automated print, cut, and robotic offload workflow solutions. As part of the Screen Graphic Solutions group, Inca Digital is a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and automation solutions. Zund is a globally respected manufacturer of digital cutting equipment for a wide variety of materials.

The collaboration should enable customers to fully benefit from a complete workflow solution from prepress automation, cloud-based set-up, print job completion, and direct to cut finishing. As mentioned by the companies, apart from providing end-to-end inkjet printing, cutting and creasing using the Inca printers and the Zund digital cutters, the partnership will deliver automation for material handling using robots. The automation is critical to streamlining the production of large and rigid materials that the Inca can print on, and the Zund cutting, creasing, and grooving tables can finish.

“This innovative partnership is very important to the industry and we are pleased that our collaboration will allow our customers to experience a unique, high-end print and cut workflow,” says Dean Ashworth, Sales & Marketing manager of Zund UK. “We are excited to partner with Zund to offer innovative solutions tailored to our customer needs,” said Matt Brooks, head of Products & Solutions at Inca Digital.

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