One Vision optimization for wide and super-wide format inkjets

Automation suite for correcting and creating error-free print files

One Vision
One Vision software for normalizing and automation of wide format print Image One Vision

One Vision’s Wide Format Automation Suite is a solution aimed at maximum printer utilization and quicker turnarounds. The combination of a workflow management system with an extensive prepress package and innovative technologies such as nesting or tiling and paneling automates the production processes of wideone and super-wide format printers.

The flexible workflow management system enables wide-format printers to individually define their production processes, standardize them, and let them run entirely automatically while making adaptations at any time. The integrated prepress package checks incoming print jobs for possible errors, corrects and normalizes them, and creates error-free print files (ISO-standard compliant) for smooth, error-free printing.

Higher throughput and faster production times are easily achieved by automating time-consuming steps. The Wide Format Automation Suite allows wide format printers to achieve the perfect interplay between their output printing devices and software. The manufacturer claims improved press utilization and significant saving potentials in terms of substrate, ink costs, and processing time.