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Switch to working your own way

Design your own workflow, the way your process works
Design your own workflow, the way your process works Graphics Enfocus

From the very beginning, the Enfocus fundamental belief has been that technology should follow process and not the other way around. With this philosophy as a guide, Enfocus develops software that enables its customers to integrate their islands of technology. Tighter integration adds up to efficiency and bigger margins. The Enfocus team partners with software OEMs, vendors, and integrators to help businesses work smarter.

We evolve partnerships
We evolve partnerships

Switch is more than a workflow automation platform, it’s also the flagship of a new movement. A movement of print production professionals who don’t want to adapt to all-in-one, vendor-specific workflow solutions. That is why Enfocus made Switch. It automates your processes regardless of print applications or devices. Switch allows you to build a workflow to work your way.

That’s what the marketing speak says. I want to draw attention to the “technology should follow process,” bit. This is the focus of the workflow automation rebel movement. It’s a rebel movement because freedom is the goal. Rebellions, by definition, are a resistance to convention. The convention being resisted by Switch users is the rigid guardrails put in place by vendor-reliant workflows. Print service providers know their own business. They have defined and refined what they do and how they do it. Spending time and money to rework themselves to fit into a one-size-fits-all solution is, simply put, unappealing.

Switch scripting Graphic Enfocus
Switch scripting
Graphic Enfocus

A valuable solution would allow workflow creators to build automation based around their own conventions. It should also be an investment in technology that lets them think differently, not ask them to work differently. Thinking in new ways doesn’t mean having to learn something completely unfamiliar. The rebel movement wants the blinders to be taken off. And that’s exactly what has happened.

Enfocus Switch 2020 Spring was developed specifically with creators in mind. Integration with existing systems is limitless with a scripting engine that works with Node.js. This means that business owners may never again hear, ‘It can’t be done.’ Whether a creator is on-staff or a hired integrator, their hands are untied by the rebel movement. 

Switch the revolution
Switch the revolution

For there to be a movement, there must be a united community. Switch administrators, integrators, and users are exactly that. The Enfocus Appstore contains a hundred pieces of evidence in proof of what rebels can create. Apps for Switch address specific challenges, integrations, or functions that have been developed and offered for others to take advantage of. Sharing knowledge and distributing resources gives strength to the movement. There is also strength in numbers, and the workflow automation rebel movement is growing.

Rebels break the rules, and Switch is the quill for creators to write their own. Join the rebellion. Revolutionize your workflow. Switch to working your way.

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