Eco-friendly heroes for indoor signage from Ritrama

Synthetic signage films with reduced environmental impact

Ritrama’s RI-JET 375 Eco Matt White combines technology and sustainability Image Ritrama
Ritrama’s RI-JET 375 Eco Matt White combines technology and sustainability Image Ritrama

Ritrama has just introduced its new range of latest-generation polyolefin products for large format digital printing, specially designed to combine high print quality and attention to the environment. The PO-PET range made up of 4 types of film with white or transparent, matt, or glossy finish. These are meant for all kinds of indoor communication – from exhibitors in retail outlets to billboards, from graphic personalization for stands and events, to shop windows and shopping centers.

At a time when the environment has, at last, gained the attention it deserves, even big retail brands – personal care and restaurant chains have decided to make their contribution, proposing organic, sustainable and fair-trade product lines. So why not pursue this goal also in retail outlet communication? An alternative to winning high-performance PVC, thanks to the PO-PET Films range, is now available.

RI-JET 375 Eco Matt White is a white polypropylene film with matt effect, specific for interior decoration at the top product of the range. The special formulation of the face of this product makes it free from chlorine, halogens, plasticizers, and phthalates. It is formulated for application and uses in all those market segments where non-PVC synthetic films are required. Furthermore, being lighter than traditional PVC, numerous advantages can be obtained during transport, resulting in a lower total weight of material transported and consequent reduction in CO2 emissions. All these characteristics, together with the recyclable polypropylene face and the production process with reduced environmental impact (ISO 14001 certification), make RI-JET 375 Eco Matt White a real eco-friendly hero for any green-oriented advertising campaign.

The RI-JET 375 Eco Matt White film combines sustainability and excellent technical performance in terms of printability, conformability, durability, and opacity. It is particularly suited for indoor applications such as promotional panels, ads, shop windows, and signs. Also, thanks to its matt finish, there is no glare or reflection. High conformability and dimensional stability also make for excellent adhesion even on slightly curved 2D surfaces.

Ritrama’s RI-JET 375 Eco Matt White combines technology and sustainability

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