Digital journalism for print and broadcast journalists

WAN-IFRA workshop, 20-21 January 2020, Delhi

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Digital has been changing the face of the media industry, which, for a long time, was dominated by print and broadcast. But even today, for many publishers, the majority share of their revenue comes from print. While that underscores the relevance of print, it is also a fact that the flashy and fast digital news has taken away the millennial reader’s attention from the print.

WAN-IFRA is conducting a workshop to help publishers understand how to attract the young reader’s attention to news sites. The workshop, titled ‘Digital Journalism for Print and Broadcast Journalist,’ will be held on 20-21 January 2020, in New Delhi.

The workshop trainer Corinne Podger is director and principal at The Digital Skills Agency. Podger will help participants with the best strategies and tips to improve their approach to content creation for the web and social media. Participants will also be introduced to new tools and tips to become experts in digital story-telling in the future.

In addition, the workshop will help one learn about digital journalism for print audience; writing for the web – best practice in 2020; multimedia content creation – opportunities and tools; re-versioning stories for online and social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Tiktok); best practice in sourcing and verifying digital content from audience; tools for verifying hoaxes and disinformation; business model innovations for print outlets; writing for the web and social media platforms – best practice in 2020; re-versioning video stories for online and social platforms; re-versioning radio stories and podcasts for online and social platforms; and business model innovations for news media outlets.

The complete list of programs can be viewed here.

The workshop fee for any one day is Rs 15,000 (for members), and for both the days, it is Rs 25,000. For three or more participants from the same organization, the fee is Rs 20,000 for both the days.

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