Registrations for ICQC 2020–2022 begin

Contest procedure revised


The registration for the International Color Quality Club (ICQC) 2020–2022, the global print quality contest for newspapers and magazines, starts from 20 August 2019. Early registering participants will get an opportunity to participate in a free test run during late 2019 and early 2020.

The upcoming edition of the Color Quality Club contest has significant changes in the procedures. The calendar is re-defined to reduce effort and increase competitiveness. The contest period is reduced from three months to one month (March 2020) instead. The participants will have to ship the contest copies only once instead of thrice, as specified earlier.

Flexibility meets comfortability

The ICQC 2020–2022 offers a flexible print schedule that can be chosen by the participants. Participants can choose their own print week during March 2020 considering the print schedule, workloads and manpower.

A brand new feel in the software

The new software interface simplifies and enhances the inference to results. For example, an interactive 3D color gamut model is added in the web report, which can be rotated by 360 degrees to view the outlier portions of the printed color gamut against the target gamut. This will ease the visualization in comparing two color spaces.

Publishers and printers can register one or more publication titles regardless of the printing technology. Publications that succeed the club membership are awarded in October 2020. Additionally, five time winners will be listed in ‘WAN-IFRA Star Club,’ a sort of ‘Hall of Fame’ of the best publication printers in the world.

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