Live demonstration of the Xaar printhead at ITMA 2019

Xaar printhead with waterborne sublimation inks by SPGPrints


Xaar introduced its latest printhead, the Xaar 5601, to the textile industry at ITMA Barcelona 2019 held from 20 to 26 June 2019. The Xaar 5601 is equipped with Xaar’s technologies – AcuDrp and TF technology for ink recirculation – which ensure color uniformity and repeatability as well as print quality.

The technology collaboration between Xaar and SPGPrints was highlighted through a live demonstration at the SPGPrints stand giving guests a preview of the new Xaar printhead together with the waterborne sublimation inks that SPGPrints created specifically for this printhead.

The demonstration showed single pass printing at 100 meters a minute and in dual color mode. The dye-sublimation transfer printing process on polyester and other synthetic fabrics enables textile printing companies to print more efficiently with less ink, while producing higher levels of color density for maximum impact.

Also on display at ITMA, was the Xaar 1201 printhead. With its high print quality, compact design and ability to jet 1, 2 or 4 colors, it is suitable for a wide range of small- and mid-range scanning textile applications.

The versatility and performance of the Xaar 1201 printhead was showcased within the latest version of the Papyrus Arete Combo, a 6-color hybrid dye sublimation printer from d.gen, capable of printing on both fabric and transfer paper.

We were delighted to have such a strong presence at ITMA 2019, thanks to SPGPrints and d.gen. With the Xaar 1201 for low to mid volume scanning and the Xaar 5601 for high volume scanning and single pass, we successfully showcased the complete range of capabilities which the Xaar printheads bring to the textile market,” said Gerard Winn, textiles segment business manager at Xaar.

We’ve received positive feedback, especially from the guests who were invited to see the Xaar 5601 technology demonstration. The quality, speed and color consistency clearly resonated with OEMs and end users alike who were impressed with the capabilities of the Xaar 5601 printhead,” Winn added.

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