Native advertising trends in news media

A report by WAN-IFRA and the Native Advertising Institute


By 2021 native advertising is slated to make up 36% of news publishers’ overall advertising revenue, according to a survey WAN-IFRA and the Native Advertising Institute conducted late last year. Based on the survey as well as case studies of best practice, WAN-IFRA and NAI published a report ‘Native Advertising Trends in News Media,’ in December.

Jesper Laursen, chief executive officer of the Native Advertising Institute, will share some of the key findings and insights from the survey and report during a webinar on Tuesday, 30 April.

Some of the highlights from the report

52% of publishers surveyed said native advertising is very important to their overall ad strategy, and 43% said it is important. 87% of respondents have a positive feeling towards native advertising.

Publishers are no doubt building and organizing their operations to seize the opportunities that native advertising represents: 42% of respondents to the survey say they now have their own dedicated native ad studio, up from 35% last year. Another 29% have a dedicated native ad team.

However, many publishers are using their editorial team much less than just one year ago, as this practice has dropped from 47% to 29%.

One disconcerting finding from the study shows that 9% of the publishers put no labelling on native advertising. It is better than last year’s figure of 11%, but it is still a far cry from where it should be: 0%.

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