Mumbai-based Ace showcases corrugated displays at In-Store Asia

Corrugated displays gaining popularity

Hemant Shah of Ace Retail Display and Packaging at In-Store Asia stand.

Mumbai-based Ace Retail Display and Packaging has been providing innovative POP displays and store branding solutions to both corporate and retail customers for more than a decade. The company has its administrative office in the Mumbai suburb of Jogeshwari and its manufacturing unit in Vasai. Ace has expertise in working with corrugated board as well as plastics; however, close to 85% of its solutions are corrugated board based.

At the recently concluded In-Store Asia 2019 expo, which was held in Mumbai’s Goregaon Exhibition Centre, Ace showed a variety of solutions that it offers such as corrugated floor standing display units, metal floor standing display units, double side corrugated floor standing display units, spectacular corrugated floor standing display units and counter-top units such as shelf trays and hang-sells.

“One of the main messages that we tried to convey at the show was that corrugated displays can be as aesthetic and impressive as wood or metal based,” says Hemant Shah of Ace Retail Display and Packaging.

According to Shah, demand for corrugated display is growing steadily thanks to brand owners gradually shifting toward more sustainable materials like paper.

“Although wood and metal continue to retain their demand, when it comes to displays, corrugated board is also gaining a lot of acceptability. Not only is it recyclable but it can also be transported easily and cost effectively, unlike wood and metal,” he adds.

Demand for corrugated displays is also rising because it offers greater flexibility for brand owners who want to change designs frequently.

“Brand owners these days want to change their branding and marketing strategy at close intervals. So, they must change the displays as well. In such a scenario, corrugated board displays come in handy as they offer the required flexibility,” Shah argues.

Talking about the company’s plans for the year, he says that the most important investment is going to be in a digital printer that can print directly on corrugated board. Ace currently has digital, offset and screen-printing capabilities.

“At present we are printing on paper then sticking the paper on the corrugated board. Now, we are looking to add a digital printer that can print directly on board. This will be done this year,” Shah shares.

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  1. Hi,I am interested in corrugated display units as well as packaging cum display for smaller products for export. Competitive prices for long term business is solicited. Innovative products would be desired.
    Narendra Shenoy


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